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A wrapper script for beets that makes it easy to display last added tracks and albums.

This script can be used to dynamically generate playlists for mpd. In fact, I wrote this script to easily copy the most recent tracks from my music collection to my phone.

$ -h
usage: [-h] [-S] [-M {date,tracks,albums}] [-F FILTER] [-Q]
               [-C MPD_CONFIG]

show the last tracks added to beet.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -S, --singleton       show only singletons (default: False)
  -M {date,tracks,albums}, --mode {date,tracks,albums}
                        filter results either by date or by tracks (default:
  -F FILTER, --filter FILTER
                        filter option. according to mode either the number of
                        tracks added or the date range. (default: 7)
  -Q, --quote           print results with quotes (default: False)
  -C MPD_CONFIG, --mpd-config MPD_CONFIG
                        path to mpd config (default: /etc/mpd.conf)


# Print the 2 most recent albums (added to the collection)
$ -M albums -F 
# Print the singleton tracks added during the last month (30 days)
$ -S -M date -F 30
# Print the 20 most recent singleton tracks (added to the collection)
$ -S -M tracks -F 20